DTDT By Laws Rules and Regulations


  1. Once registration dues have been paid and the application has been filed, the applicant must be interviewed personally or by phone by one of the acting eleven original committee members. After which a majority vote will be conducted to accept or deny the applicant. If the applicant is denied, his registration fees shall be refunded in full within (30) calendar days after the voting process has commenced.
  2. New member registration fees shall be $20.00 (twenty-dollars) and will be a one-time lifetime fee.


  1. Once declared a member by committee vote, ALL current and new members will pay current membership dues in a timely fashion or risk being excluded from that years event(s). All dues must be paid in full by April 30th of the year of that event.
  2. If dues are not paid in full by that date, a $5.00 (five-dollar) per month late fee will be assessed beginning one calendar month (31-days) after the 30th of April of that year. Late fees will continue to be assessed each month thereafter until the actual date that the tickets for that event are purchased or whichever comes first, for that years event(s) (i.e. game-day tickets).
  3. If dues are still not paid in full by the date tickets are actually purchased, the member shall forfeit any dues paid up to that date. At that point, it will be at the discretion of a committee vote as to whether that member will be allowed to participate in that years event(s).
  4. If dues cannot be paid in full (for any reason) or have been paid in full up to the actual date of ticket purchases, the member will be allowed a full refund of dues paid to date for that years event(s).

Note: As a method of “Insurance”, a “non refundable” portion of the annual deposits and/or membership dues are held in the DTDT account for “Emergency” and/or “Unexpected” expenses. In the event of an emergency or unexpected event, DTDT will cover that expense without the need for “ Pass the hat” as we had done in the past.

C) NEW MEMBER INITIATION *NOTE- First year participants are referred to as “Rookies”

  1. Upon arrival at that years designated event, all rookies (new members) shall participate in the Meet and Greet event usually held the day before the scheduled game. This is a Mandatory participation.
  2. All rookies who do not attend the Mandatory Meet and Greet event shall be assessed a $10.00 (ten-dollar) fine.
  3. At the game-day event, all rookies shall follow this important list of rules and regulations or risk being harassed (in fun of course) by other fellow DTDT members.
    1. a) Rookies shall not eat before any of the fellow DTDT members once the tailgate food is served.
    2. b) Rookies shall see to the needs of any Committee Member first before serving himself should that committee member choose to be served.
    3. c) Rookies shall be responsible for assisting with clean up and securing of the tailgate spot before going into the game.


  1. All members shall conduct themselves in a manner consistent with respect and dignity to All other members and all other surrounding parties.
  2. There shall be no unnecessary, loud, abusive, or unruly behavior at any DTDT public congregations (i.e. tailgate party, meet and greet event, etc.)
  3. There shall be no unnecessary belligerence, profanity, unruliness, or anything of the like at any DTDT public gatherings, events, or parties.


  1. Once a member has been accused of violating any of the aforementioned bylaws, rules, or regulations, the member and his accuser shall be pulled aside and questioned as to which violation he his being accused of.
  2. The accused shall be allowed due process of the law and is allowed to tell his side of the story.
  3. Once both the accused and his accuser have both been heard by the available committee member a vote will be rendered as to whether to:
    1. a) Dismiss the action or
    2. b) Officially warn the perpetrator of the action (to be recorded by the acting DTDT secretary or subordinate)
  4. In the event of a second violation of the aforementioned bylaws, rules, and regulations, the member, (if found guilty by the process mentioned in article (E), items 1-4 shall be fined a sum of $20.00 (twenty-dollars) to be paid immediately to the active DTDT treasurer or subordinate, to later be placed into the DTDT account.
  5. Also, at this time a second official warning shall be given to the perpetrator of the action


  1. In the event of a third violation of the aforementioned bylaws, rules, and regulations, the Member (if found guilty by the process in article (E), items 1-4 shall be dismissed as a DTDT member and will no longer be able to participate in any further DTDT events.
  2. In the event of a dismissal, that member may only be re-instated by majority committee vote
  3. In the event a member is to be re-instated, that member shall pay a re-instatement fee of $50.00 (fifty-dollars), to be paid before that member is to participate in any further DTDT events or activities.