DTDT 2019 Los Angeles “Latest” Updates

Plans continue to move forward with our “DTDT LA Part II” event.  Nearly all of you have either made partial of full deposit payments or called or emailed Omar or I to make arrangements for payments before the original deadline of (May, 19, 2019). (That list is posted below).  If your name is “not” on this list then neither of us have heard a response from you as to whether or not you are attending this years event and we will assume you are not attending.  Please, if you have not contacted Omar or myself to make payment arrangements, please do so immediately as to not get left out.  Once again, our event dates are: Thursday 9/12/19 thru Sunday 9/15/19, so if you are flying into the LA area, airfare will probably be cheaper now than later.  A hotel contract with Embassy Suites North LAX (Airport Area) has been completed so we can move forward with lodging reservations.  The link is no longer active since the expiration date has come and gone for hotel reservations.  If you still need to book rooms, you will need to call my vendor directly ASAP  (name number listed below).  Soon, even this option will expire and you will not be able to reserve rooms at the special DTDT group rate.  This is an “all suites” hotel with plenty of space to accommodate 2 or 3 guests per suite!  Start planning for who you might want to room with and contact that person (for cost cutting/sharing measures).  Vendors for the “Meet and Greet,” Game day “Tailgate Party”, and golfing are now completed and info is available on this website.  If you scroll up you will see a tentative “Daily Schedule” with detailed information pertaining to each day of our event.  If any other details become available you will be informed as soon as the information becomes available.  Until next time, God Bless the DTDT Brotherhood and may Peace be with you all!!

Richard Curry
(310) 489-7493

Omar Curry
(619) 248-5152

Embassy Suites LAX Airport North Property Vendor contact info:

*Edith Alvarez

(310) 337-6024

*You must tell her you are apart of the “DTDT Sports” group and you would like to book a room at the preferred group rate.

List of “Paid” Attendee’s or you have already made arrangements with Omar or I: Updated 8/19/19

Richard C.
Omar C.
Ivan M.
Kendrick D.

Leemar C.
Sean F.
Dave Y.
Kenneth P.
Johnny R.
Adrian A.
Carl D.
Deric B.
Frank (Kandu) M.
Brett D.
Ariel A.
Charles T.
Keith Cl.
Alvin M.
Kenneth K.
Ricardo D.
Harvey B.
Craig L.
Rene V.
Emory G.
Steven D.
Tracy S.
Howard W.
Tyrell W.
Joe F.
Darek B.
Keith Co.
Johnny D.
Armondo L.    (arrangements)
Alton W.     (arrangements)
Jordan C.    (arrangements)
Larry D.
Gary S.
Brian J. (Own Ticket)
Oliver L.  (arrangements)
Willie G.
Shawn R.
Kevin S.
West P.
Lonnie R.
Christen C.  (arrangements)
Cocktail server #1
Cocktail server #2
Caterer (server)

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