2018 Arizona “Thank You”


I apologize for the tardiness of this post, it has been months in the making and should have been posted long ago.  Omar and I thank each and everyone who participated in our trip to fabulous Phoenix, Arizona last Fall.  For those of you who did not partake, there was fine dining, clubbing, Harley Riding, and much, much more.  I’d much rather you had been there than to tell you about it.  I have posted a few of the pictures I had in my possession at the time of this post (See Gallery Page, “2018 – Arizona” in this website).  If you have more you would like to add to the collection, please send jpeg files to me so I can hopefully add them to this site.   I hope those who participated enjoyed themselves and will come and join us again this coming Fall in Los Angeles to keep the ball rolling.  There are also big plans for the Fall of 2020, so you might want to start preparing financially and emotionally now…. It involves a trip to The UK…..That’s all I can tell you at this moment.  In the mean time get yourselves ready for LA II and the LA Rams last home games at the LA Memorial Coliseum.   Until later, God Bless the DTDT Brotherhood!

Richard Curry

DTDT President

Omar Curry


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